European Medical Devices Observatory

The European Medical Devices Observatory collects the most significant news related to the implementation of the EU Reg. 2017/745 (so-called MDR) to assist operators in the sector in complying with the new European legislation.


We support you in managing your own privacy system

We know that it is not easy to understand how the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the new Italian Privacy Code will impact your business, neither it is easy to implement them.

In light of this, we have defined strategies and tools to guide you in the process of adjusting to the new legislation and in the subsequent management phase. This is why we provide expert advice and in-house training, implement data management systems and create up-to-date digital content that you can utilize, such as ebooks, videos and articles.


Our columns

European Data Protection Observatory

In order to keep abreast of what is happening in EU countries with regard to GDPR implementation, we have set up a European Data Protection Observatory, which will include the most significant data protection news in chronological order.


Column "AI&Health"

This section aims to provide an analysis of the legal issues related to artificial intelligence, with a particular focus on healthcare. The aspects of privacy and ethics related to the use of AI systems will be addressed also through case studies covered by global news.

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