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  • medical devices
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  • concessions, project financing, public-private partnerships
  • debt recovery from Public Administrations

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The importance of regulating industrial and intellectual property aspects with a view to technology transfer
When the purpose of a research and development project is technology transfer and exploitation of the result of the research activity, the parties must in the preliminary stages of their relationship regulate the authorship and property rights to the invention.
Databases and software development: what are the legal issues?
Ilaria Nanni

With technological development, it is possible to create software that will be used in a variety of economic sectors, such as predictive software for medical devices, management software, or technical software for construction, architecture, and engineering.  Creating computer software represents an activity of “resolution of problems”, according to the problem-solving method, based on a series of steps, including algorithm development. Specifically, for algorithms to perform the operations necessary for problem-solving, they must be validated/trained using data selected from the database by the programmer. However, attention must be paid to the type of data to be used, as it may be subject to privacy regulations, be licensed, or be “open”. The problem, therefore, arises if one intends to create software that is destined for commercialization, especially concerning the necessary steps to be taken for the use of the data used to develop the algorithm.