Adriano Colomban

Adriano Colomban deals mainly with company and labor law, public procurement, credit management and recovery.

With regard to public procurement, he assists clients in the preliminary phase of participation in tender procedures, the subsequent phase of execution of the contract, as well as in the litigation stage. He also has expertise in managing the civil, administrative and labour law aspects related to an entrepreneur's activity.

He attended the School of Higher Education in Labor Law, Trade Union and Social Security of the AGI (Italian Labour Lawyers). As regards post-graduate studies, he obtained an International Master's Degree in Philanthropy and Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship at the University of Bologna.

He writes legal articles in trade magazines, and participates as a lecturer in seminars, mainly in the areas of procurement, anti-corruption legislation and credit management.

Recent Publications


Communications from the Contracting Authority: via ordinary- or certified e-mail?

With regard to communications in the tendering phase, there is a significant ruling (TAR Lazio, 30/01/2019, no. 1192 ), that clarifies communication obligations in Italy. In the case that follows, the fact that the Contracting Authority failed to send a communication via certified e-mail, has led the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio to revoke the exclusion of a competitor.

Possible exclusion of tenderers who offer products originating in third countries

Article 137 of the Italian Procurement Code applies to all offers containing products originating in third countries, with which the European Union has not concluded a multilateral or bilateral agreement that guarantees a comparable and effective access of the Union’s enterprises to the markets of [...]