Always growing to meet our clients’ needs

About twenty years ago the lawyers Andrea and Silvia Stefanelli gave life to the Stefanelli & Stefanelli Law Firm project by combining their expertise in Procurement, Healthcare and Company law. They have created a team that has grown over the years in terms of professionalism and skills. Our professionals believe that legal services, as well as managing a crisis, can and should add value to the company. In fact, legal compliance allows companies to avoid sanctions, but also to improve the corporate image and to distinguish themselves from competitors gaining a competitive advantage.

This is why traditional judicial assistance is complemented by the ability to collaborate in all areas of legal risk management, to enable and support business development.


Provide professional services in the areas where the regulatory impact is more significant, in support of entities producing goods and services, both in the private and in the public sector.


Collaborate in all areas of risk management supporting the development of our clients' business in compliance with national and European standards and directives.


Address all the issues of our mission in a coordinated way through a multi-disciplinary and multi-professional approach

Quality Certification

During the last twenty years, we have grown in terms of specialization and organization, so we believed it was time to equip ourselves with a Certified System that would allow us to concretely prove the quality of our work.

Thanks to the certification that we have obtained, our clients have the guarantee that the Stefanelli & Stefanelli Law Firm follows high organizational standards aimed at continuous improvement and subject to internal and external periodic checks.