Giorgia Verlato

Giorgia Verlato has significant expertise in the field of health law, particularly with regard to judicial and out-of-court counseling, assistance for authorizations, accreditation and management of health activities, as well as assistance in disciplinary proceedings before Professional Associations.

Moreover, she provides legal advice on pharmaceutical law, in particular on the production, marketing and dispensing of medicine. Giorgia Verlato also provides legal assistance in the field of privacy and data protection to healthcare facilities, mainly working with dental facilities.

She obtained her Master's Degree in Health Law at the University of Bologna and now writes legal articles for trade magazines, and volumes on health law, such as "Cessione e subentro nello studio odontoiatrico ", published by Edra.

Recent Publications


Healthcare and online platforms: key regulations to consider

Online platforms have become increasingly important in the healthcare sector, offering a wide range of health-related services and goods. But as simple as they may seem, there are a number of regulations that online platforms and healthcare professionals must follow to ensure they are compliant and safe for users. Here is an overview.



Distinctive features of healthcare mergers and acquisitions

In recent years, mergers and acquisitions of private healthcare facilities (such as outpatient clinics, testing laboratories, pharmacies, diagnostic and home care centres) have been among the most common corporate transactions in the private healthcare sector. What are the legal and technical aspects to be considered in corporate transactions involving the merger or acquisition of health facilities?