The first step towards the innovation process: technology transfer centers - innovation ecosystems and research infrastructures

Eleonora Pettazzoni
Chiara Fusacchia

As is well known, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) includes a package of investments and reforms divided into six missions. Mission 4 "education and research" provides for the allocation of 33.81 billion euros and is aimed at strengthening the educational system, digital and technical-scientific skills, research and technology transfer. The objective is therefore to encourage innovation in a digital key, supporting the transformation of production processes of companies.  In particular, the component of Mission 4 called "from research to enterprise" aims to support investment in R&D, to promote innovation and the spread of technologies and to strengthen skills.  We have already discussed extended partnerships in the article "The key role of the private sector in the technological development process: extended partnerships"; let's now look in detail at the other three instruments.