Alessandra Magliaro

Legal Areas

Alessandra Magliaro is a Tax Law professor at the University of Trento and lawyer of counsel of the Stefanelli & Stefanelli law firm.

She is a founding member of the International and Inter-university Center for European Tax Research, a member of the Italian Association of Tax Law Professors, and a member of committees and observers on tax law in the Trentino area.

In addition to being a professor at the Master in Sports Law and Economics in the European Union, she participates as a speaker at national conferences on topics such as fiscal federalism, taxation, tax litigation, sports regulations.

Among her numerous publications and contributions in collective volumes, the most recent are "Sport e fisco", published by Editoriale scientifica in 2018, "The tourist tax and the landing tax", published by Maggioli Editore, "Citizenship, territoriality and residence of tax law" published by Editoriale Scientifica.