Applications of Artificial Intelligence to Health

Silvia Stefanelli
Alice Giannini
It is undebated that nowadays the application of technologies based on Artificial Intelligence for medical use is spreading more and more. We have dealt with the basics of Artificial Intelligence here. Now, it’s time to get to the heart of this column: how is AI used in the healthcare sector? How can “machines” learn and apply the standard of medical ethics? Finally, will we really need doctors in the future? Spoiler alert: the answer is yes.

Can the doctor communicate health data via chat (in the EU)?

Maria Livia Rizzo
The use of Health Messaging Apps helps to enhance communication between doctors and patients: patient satisfaction is increased by the immediacy of the tool. This considerably increases the involvement of patients in the treatment process, also allowing them to obtain a quicker response to their questions.

Data collection for research purposes may conflict with data protection in Italy

Silvia Stefanelli
Digital transformation and the use of artificial intelligence intertwine with the Gdpr. Besides, Italy has three regulatory levels - EU, national and soft law - which at times appear to contradict each other. According to a recent study by Porsche Consulting, "Digital MedTech Transformation", digital transformation is key for all pharmaceutical companies. 

PERSONAL PROTECTION EQUIPMENT (PPE): changes in the optical sector

Silvia Stefanelli

The EU Reg. 2016/425 - published in the OJ on 31 March 2016 - concerns personal protective equipment (PPE). The new Regulation applies from April 21, 2018 and has a strong impact on companies in the optical sector that produce and/or import and distribute sunglasses (or related lenses and frames). Let's look at how this new Regulation came about and what are its new aspects. Personal protective equipment has been regulated [...]


Medical research and data protection

Silvia Stefanelli

Medical research and data protection: in the last days, divergent comments and positions have appeared on the web regarding the text of the new Art. 110-a of the Privacy Code introduced by the European law 20 November 2017 n. 167, which introduces changes in the area of data protection with regard to medical scientific research [...]



Silvia Stefanelli

It is a time of major changes in the private health sector. Foreign investment funds are purchasing healthcare facilities in Italy, and within the territory various mergers and acquisitions are under way as well. What happens in these cases with regard to patient data? At the time of transfer of a healthcare facility, the patient data whose originator was the initial data controller, pass on to the acquirer (which then becomes the controller). From the point of view of the data protection legislation, the question arises whether the acquirer is obliged to implement the following steps [...]


DATA PROTECTION AUTHORITY SANCTIONS A DENTAL CLINIC FOR CALLING PATIENTS. Interesting decision for all the healthcare facilities

Silvia Stefanelli

After some patients reported the fact to the Padova’s Medical Association, the Data Protection Authority (DPA), with the act no. 6629169, found a dental clinic guilty of making promotional calls to patients without their consent.
The Anti-Adulteration Unit found out that the dental facility had acquired the database of over a million patients’ data from [...]



In the wake of the conference "ITALY – US Meeting, a new research model for the development of digital health", organized in December 2015 by our Firm, by “CIRSFID” from Bologna University and by the legal-scientific journal E-sanita@, we have the great pleasure to make available on our website the video recently released by Dr. Steve Ommen, who attended the conference as one of its prestigious speakers, about the services provided by the "Connective Care Centre” of the Mayo Clinic as its own Director. [...]


Future collaboration and tech on Italy-US Congress agenda

Silvia Stefanelli

A review of December’s eHealth event in Italy

The primary objective of the Italy-US Congress, organised by the University of Bologna alongside the University of Illinois, was to cross-learn from new technology while laying the foundations for future digital health collaborations. The conference covered areas ranging from data management to legal issues pertaining to the use of technology in healthcare.

Published on eHealth Law and Policy - January 2016

The publisher has kindly authorized Stefanelli & Stefanelli Law Firm to post it on our web site


NBC paper explores bioethics concerns posed by mHealth

Silvia Stefanelli

On 28 May, the Italian NationalBioethics Committee (‘NBC’) published a paper entitled ‘MobileHealth Apps: bio-ethical aspects.’ The paper presents a survey ofseveral bioethics problems involving mobile health (‘mHealth’) and identifies possible solutions.

Published on eHealth Law and Policy - July 2015

The publisher has kindly authorized Stefanelli & Stefanelli Law Firm to post it on our web site

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